Grasping for Answers (11/21/21)

Rev. Jessica Palys


‘Floods, fires, and earthquakes, Oh My!’

It was a bit over a year ago now that I remember thinking, “if some biblical literalist was looking for evidence of the end times, they wouldn’t have to look far.” We were experiencing the devastating effects of climate change - wildfires in the west, hurricanes on the coasts and some major earthquakes had rocked the news. All of this in the midst of a global pandemic and rumors of Murder Hornets. That’s not to mention the concerning things happening in the human realm.

That was a year ago and our climate chaos continues. And then yesterday, Kansas City Public Radio aired a story about a surge of 503 scorpion bites in a town in Egypt, a result of uncommon rainfall forcing them out of their usual territory and into people’s homes. The Public Radio reporter even made a Moses joke, calling it a biblical plague worse than frogs.

This passage in Mark is sometimes called the ‘little apocalypse’. Apocalyptic literature has never been my favorite, and although I’m not a biblical literalist, this is all hitting a little too close to home.

Wars and rumors of wars - check. Nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom - check. Even family member against family member, as Jesus mentions 3 sentences later - check. The economy has had an earthquake and the pandemic has impacted the food supply and the supply chain. Like I said… a street corner preacher roaring that the end is near has a bit more credibility in my mind these days.