Women as Savior: Esther (8/22/21)

Rev. Jessica Palys

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Women as Savior_ Esther Scripture
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As we conclude our series of Biblical Women that are largely unknown - or misrepresented - we come to Queen Esther, a tale of reversals rich in characters, rich in irony and rich in timely rhetorical questions. The book of Esther tells the story of the survival and triumph of a group of people - the nation of Israel - living in a state of anxiety with their survival dependent on the whims of others. Using the temperament of the King and the maneuvers of the villain Haman, The story illustrates the precariousness of living as a Jew in a foreign land, with rulers who are at turns impulsive or hostile. Just as so many of our featured women hold national symbolism for the concerns that plague the Jews themselves, in this story behind the political intrigue and ironic reversals, the story speaks to peoples’ fear that their families, their community, and their culture may not survive. Fo